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"Great work done by MAD Solar Solutions on cleaning two of my properties' solar panels. Carlos is attentive to detail and takes great care in ensuring the job is done right. He's very communicative by keeping you updated on the job status and noticing other factors affecting the cleanliness of your solar equipment. A job very well done!"

Manny B.
Manny B. Loyal Customer

I couldn't be any happier having my solar panels cleaned by Mad Solar Solutions. I saw the before and after and it's like night and day. Carlos was very professional and informative about the whole process. They were just dark and cloudy panels before he started, and the after is seeing the reflection of the sky and clouds. I live near the freeway, so the dirt is thick and unavoidable so I'm planning to have him return at least twice a year. Check him out, I highly recommend them.

Ruby F.
Ruby F.Loyal Customer

My solar panels went front dull and dirty to shinny and clean. MAD Solar Solutions increased the production of my small 10 panel system by 14% the same day. I can only imagine the benefits I would see with more panels.

Shane B.
Shane B.Loyal Customer

"Getting our solar panels cleaned by [MAD SOLAR/ CARLOS] has been a seamless and worthwhile experience! The level of care provided by and the responsiveness of [MS/ CARLOS] is very much appreciated, especially when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of such a big investment. Can't wait to call up [MS/CARLOS] again to maximize the solar production of the panels after cleaning and save even more money!"

Kevin L.
Kevin L.Loyal Customer

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